Rose Alvarez

Project Coordinator, LOVE FOR LIFE

Rose Alvarez is passionate about working directly with people in the field and supporting local empowerment processes. She believes in putting love into action, which she lives up to in her role as International Project Coordinator at the non-profit organisation LOVE FOR LIFE.         

Facebook: @loveforlifeproject

Sandra Capponi

Co-Founder, Good On You

Good On You is a fashion-tech startup that helps shoppers know the impact of fashion and buy better. With over 15 years experience in corporate social responsibility, Sandra has been concerned with sustainability and supply chain issues in big business for a long time. She started Good On You because she believes there’s a huge opportunity to the use power of people’s choices to create a fairer and more sustainable future.

Yisha He

Chairwoman, UNISUN Energy Group

Yisha He is the Chairwoman of the Board of the UNISUN Energy Group. She also co-founded “Women in Renewables Asia” as a women’s self-help development platform to drive gender diversity across the renewable energy sector, while creating greater value and encouraging social innovation by diversifying the sector’s industrial development.

Isadora Cardoso

Project Assistant, GenderCC-Women for Climate Justice e.V.

Isadora Cardoso is from Brazil and currently works with GenderCC-Women for Climate Justice in Germany. She has a BA in political science and MA in globalisation and development studies