Inna Braverman

Co-Founder and CEO, Eco Wave Power

Inna Braverman founded Eco Wave Power in 2011. With her leadership, Eco Wave Power installed the first grid-connected wave energy array in Gibraltar. She is also responsible for securing 190MW of projects pipe-line for the company. For Inna, clean electricity is a very personal journey, as she was born 2 weeks prior to the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, and suffered respiratory arrest due to the pollution in the region.

Søren Hermansen

CEO, Samsø Energy Academy

Søren Hermansen is a storyteller and a local from the Danish island of Samsø. Samsø is a 100% sustainable energy island and it is his story that brings Søren in contact with communities all over the world. The narrative of change is a tool to engage and inspire people and communities in a sustainable transition. Søren is the CEO of Samsø Energy Academy.

Dr Priyadarshini Karve

Founding Director, Samuchit Enviro Tech

Dr Karve is the Director of Samuchit Enviro Tech, a social enterprise promoting sustainable products and services. She is a member of the Executive Board of Clean Energy Access Network, an India-wide society for decentralised renewable energy technologies, and the National Facilitator of the Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change.

Elizabeth Ferguson

Renewable Energy Consultant

Elizabeth leads identification of clean energy projects and opportunities globally. With a background in Energy, Life Science and economic development, she is passionate about empowering change and driving innovative solutions for sustainable development. As a political strategist, she provides strategic advice to drive strategies for economic growth towards clean energy.

Twitter: @schoembsconsult

Alexander Melzer

Founder & CEO, Zolar

Alex career has always been dedicated to the solar industry: He worked as a Product Manager at Solarwatt AG, before moving to Canada and becoming Managing Director at Soventix Canada Inc., a global solar project developer. In 2016, he founded the Greentech Startup Zolar together with his Co-founder and friend Gregor Loukidis. His vision: Changing the world’s energy generation to 100% renewable.

Prof Christian Breyer

Professor Solar Economy, LUT University

Christian Breyer’s major expertise is the integrated research of technological and economic characteristics of renewable energy systems specialising in energy system modelling for 100% renewable energy, on a local but also global scale. He worked previously for Reiner Lemoine Institut and Hanwha Q Cells. He is chairman for renewable energy at the Energy Watch Group and reviewer for the IPCC.


Dr. Thomas Hillig

Founder, THEnergy

Dr Thomas Hillig, an expert specializing in off-grid renewables and micro-grid solutions founded THEnergy, a renewable energy consultancy firm in 2013. THEnergy assists companies in dealing with energy-related challenges, combining experience from conventional and renewable energy with industry knowledge in consulting.

Twitter: @THEnergyNet

Sanjoy Sanyal

Founder, Regain Paradise

Sanjoy Sanyal is the founder of Regain Paradise, a Singapore based organization which works with investors, entrepreneurs, consultancies and think-tanks to promote environmental innovation in emerging Asia and Africa.

Twitter: @NewVenturesAsia

Rachel Sorenson

Climate Activist

Rachel Sorenson is a climate activist and feminist passionate about empowering women through off-grid solar projects. She holds a BA in economics and an MS in environmental science and policy.

Yisha He

Chairwoman, UNISUN Energy Group

Yisha He is the Chairwoman of the Board of the UNISUN Energy Group. She also co-founded “Women in Renewables Asia” as a women’s self-help development platform to drive gender diversity across the renewable energy sector, while creating greater value and encouraging social innovation by diversifying the sector’s industrial development.

Christian Noll

Co-Founder, DENEFF

Christian is Co-Founder and managing director of the German Business Initiative for Energy Efficiency (DENEFF). By representing more than 170 member companies, he helps to form a strong voice for energy efficiency towards policymakers and in the general public. He is also a Vice-Chairman of the energy efficiency expert group of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

Daniel Kammen

Founding Director, Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory, University of California

Daniel Kammen has founded or is on the board of over 10 companies, and has served the State of California and US federal government in expert and advisory capacities. As Founding Director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at the University of CA, since 1999 he has also contributed to various reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

Ademola Adesina

Founder and CEO, Rensource

Ademola Adesina is the founder and CEO of Rensource, a Nigerian solar renewable energy company.

Holger Kraft

Partner, CMS Hasche Sigle

Holger Kraft is a partner in CMS Hasche Sigle, Germany, and has been nominated as one of the six leading lawyers for energy related M&A and finance transactions by JUVE Handbuch 2018/2019. He has special expertise on M&A transactions in relation to energy projects, in particular in relation to project financed offshore and onshore wind transactions.