Inna Braverman

Co-Founder and CEO, Eco Wave Power

Inna Braverman founded Eco Wave Power in 2011. With her leadership, Eco Wave Power installed the first grid-connected wave energy array in Gibraltar. She is also responsible for securing 190MW of projects pipe-line for the company. For Inna, clean electricity is a very personal journey, as she was born 2 weeks prior to the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, and suffered respiratory arrest due to the pollution in the region.

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim

Leading Coordinator, AFPAT

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim has been an advocate for the rights of indigenous peoples and the protection of the environment for over 15 years. She is leading a community-based organisation in Chad, AFPAT, which is active in most international Sustainable Development Goal areas, including climate change, biodiversity, desertification, health & education. 

Dymphna van der Lans 

CEO, Clean Cooking Alliance

Dymphna is the CEO of the Clean Cooking Alliance, bringing 25+ years of experience in global development, energy, and climate initiatives. She has worked and lived in China, India, and Kenya, and engaged with island nations in the Caribbean and the Indian and Pacific Oceans to support their transition to renewable energy.

Twitter: @DymphnaVDL

Anne-Sophie Garrigou

Former Editor-in-Chief, The Beam Magazine

Anne-Sophie Garrigou is a journalist, a feminist and an environmentalist with a passion for women’s rights, environmental sustainability and for raising awareness for climate action. In Berlin, she has co-created The Beam Magazine, a feminist publication covering the climate crisis and sustainable development.

Twitter: @GarrigouAnneSo

Frances Pinero

Biomedical Engineer

Frances Pinero is an American Latina living in Belgium, and is keeping busy raising 3 little citizens of the world. Her career as a cardiac device engineer gave her a first-hand view of how most of the First World diseases are preventable, but the systems in-place are not interested in addressing the root causes. She’s now devoted to spreading the news about how to save our planet and our health.