How we’ve made the web dirty

Whenever we are using the internet, we unintentionally contribute to climate change, in an avoidable way. Luckily, there are some things we can do about it.

Amy Westervelt

Senior Associate, Energy Web Foundation (EWF)

Amy is passionate about helping companies navigate disruptive technology. She’s currently a Senior Associate at the Energy Web Foundation, working with utilities, startups, and investors to leverage blockchain technology in the energy sector. Prior to EWF, she was part of Rocky Mountain Institute’s innovation hub, the Office of the Chief Scientist.

Dr. Shota Furuya

Researcher, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies, Tokyo

Dr Shota Furuya is a researcher at the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP) based in Tokyo, Japan. He focuses on the process in which different local stakeholders share a sustainable and creative future vision. His main research field is social acceptance of renewable energy and he facilitates stakeholders’ understanding and collaboration for sustainability.

Twitter: @fshota

Alexander Melzer

Founder & CEO, Zolar

Alex career has always been dedicated to the solar industry: He worked as a Product Manager at Solarwatt AG, before moving to Canada and becoming Managing Director at Soventix Canada Inc., a global solar project developer. In 2016, he founded the Greentech Startup Zolar together with his Co-founder and friend Gregor Loukidis. His vision: Changing the world’s energy generation to 100% renewable.

Vaitea Cowan

Co-Founder, Enapter

Vaitea Cowan believes hydrogen is the future. She co-founded Enapter which scales decentralised green hydrogen solutions. As a Pacific Islander, her mission is to provide clean energy independence to Polynesia and inspiring the next generation of women.

Holger Kraft

Partner, CMS Hasche Sigle

Holger Kraft is a partner in CMS Hasche Sigle, Germany, and has been nominated as one of the six leading lawyers for energy related M&A and finance transactions by JUVE Handbuch 2018/2019. He has special expertise on M&A transactions in relation to energy projects, in particular in relation to project financed offshore and onshore wind transactions.