Nick Heubeck

Student | Communication & Digital at FridayForFuture

Nick Heubeck is a 20 years old student of communication and policy. He is partly responsible for press and campaign strategy at Fridays for Future Germany and tweeting at @FridayForFuture. He is a guest contributor for The Beam.

Climate: the urgency to act

Since at least the late 1970s, science has known that human emissions of greenhouse gases profoundly alter the Earth’s climate. Yet, nothing has been done in time to make a difference, and the most recent studies almost always concludes that the past forecast were too optimistic.

Leaders for Climate Action
Media & Mission Partner

Chris Adams

Director, Green Web Foundation

Chris is an environmentally focussed tech generalist, spending the last ten years working in tech startups, blue-chip companies and government, as a product manager and developer. He is an organiser of, a community for technology professionals taking climate action, and a director of the Green Web Foundation.

Twitter: @mrchrisadams

Amy Au

Communications Lead, SDSN Youth

Amy is the Communications Lead at UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth and a Storyteller for the UN SDG Action Campaign. She has worked as a digital communications specialist focusing on sustainability and human rights, and as a journalist in Hong Kong covering environmental issues.

Twitter: @eimii_au

Anne-Sophie Garrigou

Former Editor-in-Chief, The Beam Magazine

Anne-Sophie Garrigou is a journalist, a feminist and an environmentalist with a passion for women’s rights, environmental sustainability and for raising awareness for climate action. In Berlin, she has co-created The Beam Magazine, a feminist publication covering the climate crisis and sustainable development.

Twitter: @GarrigouAnneSo

Sandra Capponi

Co-Founder, Good On You

Good On You is a fashion-tech startup that helps shoppers know the impact of fashion and buy better. With over 15 years experience in corporate social responsibility, Sandra has been concerned with sustainability and supply chain issues in big business for a long time. She started Good On You because she believes there’s a huge opportunity to the use power of people’s choices to create a fairer and more sustainable future.

Isadora Cardoso

Project Assistant, GenderCC-Women for Climate Justice e.V.

Isadora Cardoso is from Brazil and currently works with GenderCC-Women for Climate Justice in Germany. She has a BA in political science and MA in globalisation and development studies