We share a vision for the future, let’s make it mainstream

As Bernie Sanders put it in his latest book, Our Revolution, A Future To Believe In, “The debate is over. (…) Climate change is real, it is caused by human activity and it is already causing devastating harm here in the United States and all around the globe.” Now, there are two ways to look at this. We could ignore the issues and keep on going with our unsustainable lifestyles; many people think it’s too late anyway. Or we can try to understand the global issues we face and adapt accordingly.


Anne-Sophie Garrigou

Since we created The Beam two years ago, the journey has been eye opening. The initiatives we have featured in our publication, the projects I read about, and the incredible individuals I have met and interviewed over the months are giving me hope. All of these individuals are proof that a lot of things are being done, and on every level. This disruptive industry is more dynamic than I could have ever imagined, it’s full of ambitious people and it is especially a profitable industry that is still in its early days. Once people realise that there are profits to be made, they won’t have any reason not to embark and participate in this global transition. Regardless of the motivations to join this revolution, whether ethical, financial, ecological or economical, what is important today is the growth of the movement itself.

We have made it our mission with The Beam to bring the leading voices of climate action, cleantech and sustainability to the forefront so they become mainstream. Most of the opinions we feature in our pages are already shared by experts, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and aficionados, but it is about time that we share this information and knowledge with as many people as possible, and with people who aren’t included in this group. The coal worker in the U.S., the organic farmer in France, the bus driver in India, the entrepreneur in Nigeria, the student in Argentina, the architect in Denmark; these are the people we want to reach, because it takes knowledge to make the decisions that will contribute to change the world, and this knowledge can’t stay in the hands of the privileged.

In The Beam #6 — United People of Climate Action you’ll read about the challenges of achieving power for all, the need for a Clean Air Act in Southeast Asia, the impact of bringing light to refugee camps, how blockchain technology could help protect the world’s forests, and how climate-induced disasters affect women and girls first. We have selected the most interesting projects, and we’re really proud to bring all these inspiring stories to you. Now, let’s not keep this discussion in a limited circle of people who are already convinced about the emergency of the situation. Let’s make this a global and mainstream conversation. Talk to your colleagues, your boss, your neighbours, your friends and your family. Let’s get everyone on board!

Anne-Sophie Garrigou
Editor-in-Chief, The Beam

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