THE BEAM #13 – Carbon Capture

The editorial by Ama Lorenz is published in THE BEAM #13.


Dear THE BEAM Readers,

The latest installment of a UN landmark Climate Report warns we have a brief and rapidly closing window to adapt to climate change. The risks associated with lower levels of warming are more significant than previously thought.

What is the way out? More than ever, it is evident our answers have to be global, rapid and inclusive. Solutions lie in our creativity and innovation, the will to implement changes by business leaders and politicians, municipalities and grassroots movements alike.

THE BEAM tells you about these solutions and aims to encourage climate action across the globe. We are now proud to be powered by FairPlanet, a global non-profit media organisation for award-winning Solutions Journalism.

With a network of 150 journalists in over 50 countries, we highlight the most exciting solutions and make a concrete contribution to eliminating climate injustice and preserving this planet for all of us in its diversity and beauty.

We hope you find new inspiration in each issue and perhaps even discover new comrades-in-arms. Because one thing is clear: to meet present and future climate challenges, we need a strong United People of Climate Action network.


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