Sir David Attenborough Launches “The People’s Seat” Initiative

If you’re an environmentalist or if you just like to relax watching beautiful images of nature and animals on a rainy Sunday afternoon (we’ve all been there!), you probably have seen BBC wildlife documentaries The Blue Planet and Planet Earth. What makes these movies so special is the amazing voice over, by renowned broadcaster Sir David Attenborough.


Anne-Sophie Garrigou

Present at COP24 in Poland, Sir David Attenborough has announced the United Nations’ launch of “The People’s Seat” initiative, a new campaign enabling individuals over the world to unite in actions to battle climate change. Sir David Attenborough called it the result of new activism shaped by people from around the world and collected through social media.

“In the last two weeks,” he said at COP, “the world’s people have taken part in creating this address, answering polls, creating videos and voicing their opinions.”

“The People’s Seat” initiative is designed to give people the power and knowledge to take personal action against climate change directly on the Facebook Messenger Platform. So if you would like to share your message, and if you have something to say to the leaders of the world regarding the need for climate action: use the UN’s new

“The people are behind you, supporting you in making tough decisions, but they are also willing to make sacrifices in their daily lives,” the British broadcaster said, addressing the politicians and officials assembled for two weeks in this Polish mining town to negotiate next steps in monitoring and mitigating climate change. “They want you — the decision makers — to act now”.

“Right now, we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale. Our greatest threat in thousands of years. Climate Change.”

Why is this important?

According to a recent poll, 95% of respondents agreed that the world is currently in grips of climate change. 89% of respondents agreed they have been personally impacted by climate change and well over half (62%) say it’s the biggest issue facing the world today.

Yet, over a third (35%) of those asked had never heard of the most important global deal to address climate change — the Paris Agreement.

That’s where “The People’s Seat” comes in. It aims to raise awareness among people from around the world, giving them a new way to join the global conversation on climate change and to let the world know they want action.

The Climate Action Bot also aims to highlight popular global commitment to reducing climate change, and to stand behind decision makers worldwide in taking actions to preserve our environment. With this initiative, the UN hopes to contribute to empower people to be involved in the process through their voices and in the solution, through their actions.

How does it work? And how can you participate?

The is a fully interactive and responsive chat bot, located on the UN’s Facebook page that suggests everyday actions — determined by the user’s interaction with the bot — that can be taken to preserve the environment and logged on the platform to be shared with social media followers to persuade them to take action too.

Don’t wait any longer: Use the hashtag #TakeYourSeat on social media and share your voice!