Climate change deniers violate human rights

Whoever still thinks climate change is purely an environmental issue, threatening only nature, needs to think again. Climate change is also essentially a human issue because of its devastating effect on human life — and rights. It exacerbates existing inequalities, undermines democracy and threatens development at large. Likewise, by far the greatest burden will fall on those already in poverty, while the rich will be able to buy their way out of rising heat and hunger.


Eco Master

Human rights and climate change

Exacerbating poverty and inequality

“We are facing a new era of ‘climate apartheid’ where the wealthy pay to escape rising temperatures, hunger, and conflict while the rest of the world is left to suffer.”

Reduced productivity

The risk of “climate apartheid”

A just transition

A mason constructing a biogas digester in rural Cambodia. Photo: Charlotte Pert

Making the right link

Climate change policies must be human rights policies