All it Takes is Investment in Local Women’s Enterprise

A message from our friends at Solar Sister.


Katherine Lucey

Imagine you are one of over 300 million African women who wake up and go to bed without reliable power. Life is organized differently. Daylight hours are more important. At night, you buy candles, kerosene or batteries for lamps and flashlights, or fuel if you are lucky enough to have a generator. You pay to get your mobile phone charged every few days. If you want your children to read in the evening, you make sure your flashlight hasn’t run out of batteries. To make dinner, you start early because it takes time — from collecting wood to making a fire to preparing produce to cooking the meal. You and your children will have stinging eyes and breathing problems from the woodsmoke. The baby you carry on your back may develop serious health problems. You and your daughters will have to go further and further to cut trees for cooking. You may not boil drinking water to conserve fuel. Your daughter may collect water in the dark. You may look after a sick family member in the dark. You may give birth in the dark.”

This is energy poverty. It affects women and girls the most. And it is entirely preventable.

All it takes is investment in local women’s enterprise. We have the technology to provide safe solar lights and efficient clean cookstoves for all. What we need is investment in local women.

This is why I support Solar Sister and why I’m asking you to do the same. Join me and invest in the women who can bring this technology to the people who need it most: rural African women.

I believe in the power of local women and I know that investing in women is a win-win. Find more here about how Solar Sister trains and supports African women to transform their own communities with clean power.

I’m extra excited about Solar Sister’s Women Power! campaign because if you give now, your gift will be doubled. If you believe in the power of women, please join us now!”

Katherine Lucey, CEO and founder Solar Sister.