Co-written with The Beam Chief-Editor, Anne-Sophie Garrigou and produced by Anna Siwecka, as an extension of The Beam Magazine, The Beam Podcast is a series of 12 podcast episodes released once a month. For 40 minutes, Anne-Sophie and Anna will be talking to global experts and try to understand all the issues related to the climate emergency.

The Beam Podcast reinforces The Beam’s mission to include and inspire a greater number of people to participate in fighting climate change. With the help of The Beam Magazine’s worldwide network of contributors, this new podcast reaches to the grassroots level and goes beyond cultures.

The Beam Podcast covers a broad range of topics such as energy access, women empowerment, sustainable cities, just transition, circular economy, etc. It is an invitation to a debate on the challenges and solutions that comes with the climate crisis, and it will bring together a community of changemakers and listeners who will be able to use the podcast as a knowledge and experience sharing platform.

You can listen to the podcast on the player below, on Apple PodcastsSpotify and wherever you get your podcasts.

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What people say about The Beam Podcast:

★★★★★ by Dan Kammen from United States of America

@TheBeamMagazine has done a great job pulling together diverse voices to highlight how much we all can do to fight for the future!

★★★★★ by franpinero from Belgium

The Beam has a diverse range of topics. They are passing the mic. So many voices need to be heard. Incredible people doing incredible work, that, unfortunately, get missed in the chaos of news and media. This podcast shines on alight in those that actually give a care. Real stories, real solutions, real inspiration to fuel your mind and heart!

★★★★★ by earanieri from United States of America

So glad I have found this podcast. Great guests and hosts. We need brilliant women in all industries and the visibility of their empowerment with climate change.

★★★★★ by Avocadodude from United States of America

As a student at UC Berkeley, it’s definitely great hearing my Professor Daniel Kammen speak about renewable energy. I also found this podcast to be incredibly informative, with highly educated people speaking about their respective fields. I’m excited for what’s to come!

★★★★★ by CleanGreenEnergyTrader from Germany

Fantastic piece of work. Definitely recommendable if you are interested in what’s happening to our climate from a different perspective.

★★★★★ by Dean Warwick from New Zealand

Very informative and really places the spotlight on our planet and climate change. High production value. Well done Beam.

★★★★★ by lewoiwoi from United States of America

The Beam has done outstanding work covering what truly matters. Nice to now get the laydown via audio as well. Very well produced!!!