The Beam Interviewees

Meike van Ginneken


Meike is passionate about fighting poverty. During a 20-plus year career spanning five continents, she has helped large numbers of people gain access to energy, water and sanitation services. Previously she held various leadership positions during her 16 years at the World Bank. Earlier she worked for the Global Water Partnership and Doctors Without Borders.

Somnath Narayan

Partner, Carbonlites

Som has been working to establish Carbon Masters as leading carbon management experts in India. He has evaluated several low carbon technology solutions that will help Indian companies to reduce their carbon emissions and save costs. He is currently working with a major Telecom Infrastructure provider to reduce their diesel consumption and carbon footprint.

Muhammad Salisu Abdullahi

CEO eTrash2Cash

eTrash2Cash is a social enterprise that helps low income people in Nigeria exchange all their wastes for cash incentives.

Sigrid Dalberg-Krajewski

Head of Marketing and Communications, Trafi

Sigrid is a communications specialist with over seven years’ experience in various industries including e-commerce, technology, business, travel, and public affairs. She helps shape external perception for listed companies, smaller startups, consultancies and government institutions alike.

Ruth Tedder

Business Manager, XDI

Ruth’s business management experience extends over 20 years. She manages finance and oversees strategic development at XDI, which provides investment grade analysis of physical climate risk.

Giuseppe Spataro

Project Manager, WE PUSH

Giuseppe has been responsible for the coordination of EU-funded research projects at the European Consulting Brussels in Belgium, and has worked as an external consultant for the RAI – Radio Televisione Italiana in a project for digital literacy.
Since 2015 he has been part of the PUSH Innovation Lab as a Strategist and Project Manager.

Yisha He

Chairwoman, UNISUN Energy Group

Yisha He is the Chairwoman of the Board of the UNISUN Energy Group. She also co-founded “Women in Renewables Asia” as a women’s self-help development platform to drive gender diversity across the renewable energy sector, while creating greater value and encouraging social innovation by diversifying the sector’s industrial development.

Alexandra Wandel

Executive Director, World Future Council

Prior to the World Future Council, Alexandra was the European Trade and Sustainability Programme Coordinator of Friends of the Earth International in Brussels. She has also coordinated and advised on behalf of European NGO activities including at the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Henrietta Kekäläinen

Co-Founder and CEO, Carbo Culture

Carbo Culture has developed a new technology to turn methane-emitting biomass waste into a stable, functional carbon form called biochar. Turning the biomass into this carbon form stores the carbon for hundreds of years and keeps it out of the atmosphere. It´s also a powerful tool to heal the soil.

Edelsin Linette Mendez

Documentary Maker

Edelsin is a participant of BYkids, an organization that mentors teens around the world to tell their stories through film and share the realities of global inequality and injustice on the world stage, to share her life story and fight against the climate crisis with the world.

Kofi Ady Agyarko

Director of Energy Efficiency and Climate Change at the Energy Commission in Ghana

In the last 16 years working in the energy sector, Kofi has designed and implemented a number of energy efficiency projects. Mr Agyarko also served as a member of the UNEP-GEF lighting and refrigerating task force put together in 2015 to develop policy guidelines for accelerating the global adoption of quality, energy efficient lighting and refrigerating appliances.

Sang Jing

Founder and Executive Director, China Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy (CCEEE)

CCEEE is organisation that works collaboratively with experts in energy efficiency to initiate Energy Efficiency China, a research project designed to summarise and analyse important issues related to energy efficiency in China. Her organisation provides policymakers with technical assistance and feasible policy recommendations with the research results. 

Justin P. Moore

Justin is an artist, designer, and translator based in Berlin, Germany since 2001. For many years he worked with art galleries, travel and tourism companies, and internet start-ups. In 2012, he shifted his professional focus almost exclusively to artistic and culinary projects in the vegan and travel communities. Photo: Ashley Ludaescher

Servane Mouazan

Founder and CEO, Ogunte CIC

Servane Mouazan is a conscious innovation entrepreneur and activist. Through her company Ogunte, she has spent ca. 20 years amplifying the work of women in social enterprises and campaigning for an inclusive gender lens.

Koen Peters

Executive Director, GOGLA

Koen Peters is Executive Director at GOGLA, the association for the off-grid solar energy industry. Throughout his career he has been active in various private and public sector roles, supporting sustainable and green business development, specifically renewable energy.

Nguy Thi Khanh

Environmental Activist

Environmental activist Nguy Thi Khanh has been working for the socially just development of Vietnam and Southeast Asia for almost 20 years, and received the 2018 Goldman Environmental Prize for her work to push Vietnam’s energy transition

Amy Au

Project Officer, SDSN Youth and Digital Communications Manager, Right Livelihood Award Foundation

Amy Au is a Project Officer for SDSN Youth. She is currently the Digital Communications Manager of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation based in Stockholm and Geneva.

Kira Mullally

Project Officer, SDSN Youth

Kira Mullally is a Project Officer for SDSN Youth. She is currently a Master’s Candidate at the Graduate Institute Geneva, studying International Affairs with a focus on Environment and Sustainability.

Ndoni Mcunu

Founder & CEO of Black Women in Science (BWIS), PhD Candidate

Ndoni Mcunu is a PhD Candidate at Witwatersrand University’s, at the Global Change Institute and the Founder & CEO of Black Women in Science (BWIS), a registered non-profit organization which aims to deliver capacity development interventions that target young black women scientists and researchers.

Alexandre Lemille

Founder & Managing Director, Wizeimpact

Alexandre has developed a symbiotic vision of a human-centred circular economic model where humans are also considered as abundant resources and endless flows of energies. Accounting for humans applying the ‘circular thinking’ helps us to redesign our world revaluing nature, humans and their economic sphere. This is what Alexandre has been pursuing since 2011 as circular economy expert, adviser or speaker.

Frédéric Crampé

Founder & CEO, BeeBryte

Fred started his career at Caltech / NASA JPL where he developed an award-winning software to study Climate Change.  As an investor & serial entrepreneur, he has spent his life supporting the energy transition. BeeBryte is an AI software company which helps commercial buildings and factories to consume electricity more efficiently.

Sieun Lee

Programme Officer, Migration, Environment and Climate Change Division at the International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Sieun first delved into the topic of environmental migration in 2009, while researching climate change negotiations. This led to her interest and determination to work in environmental migration, and to be a voice for those forced to leave their homes due to the effects of climate change.

Jochen Schwill

Founder and Managing Member, Next Kraftwerke GmbH

Next Kraftwerke GmbH is an operator of a large-scale virtual power plant (VPP) and a certified power trader on the EPEX energy exchange’s spot market. Jochen is responsible for Sales, Product Development & Technology, and has driven the company’s development towards more flexible marketing of renewable energy.

Mariama Kamara

Founder & Director, Smiling Through Light

Mariama Kamara is the Founder & Director of Smiling Through Light which provides clean, reliable & sustainable energy in Sierra Leone through the sales of solar products. Her current role includes working on development projects at local, national and international levels relating to Science & Technology, HIV, Microbicides, Education and Innovation. 

Carl Brockmeyer

President & General Manager, Leybold North America

Carl Brockmeyer currently leads an ambitious digital transformation initiative for the industrial global player Leybold. An entrepreneur at heart and experienced ROI-driven global leader by trade, he is very familiar with the world of dynamic start-ups and young ventures as well as the needs and demands of established corporations.

Nancy E. Pfund

Founder and Managing Partner, DBL Partners

Nancy E. Pfund is Founder and Managing Partner of DBL Partners, a venture capital firm whose goal is to combine top-tier financial returns with meaningful social, economic and environmental returns in the regions and sectors in which it invests.

Lucia Lenci

Communications Officer, ENERGIA

As a journalist, environmental communications expert and social media manager, Lucia enjoys giving a voice to social business projects. She loves getting lost in nature, and she is a strong advocate for gender rights and sustainable projects. Passionate traveller, ocean lover and enthusiastic storyteller, she recently joined the ENERGIA team as Communications Officer.

Holger Kraft

Partner, CMS Hasche Sigle

Holger Kraft is a partner in CMS Hasche Sigle, Germany, and has been nominated as one of the six leading lawyers for energy related M&A and finance transactions by JUVE Handbuch 2018/2019. He has special expertise on M&A transactions in relation to energy projects, in particular in relation to project financed offshore and onshore wind transactions.

Ademola Adesina

CEO of Rensource

“WE Nigerians are affecting our environment directly. All you have to do is look up to the sky and see the dense smog that hovers over Lagos on most days.”

Antje von Broock

Director for Communication and Policy at BUND

“Our common task is to not stop being critical and demanding, and we need to be vocal, show that we are a critical mass with political ideas that need to be acknowledged.”

Robin Chase

Co-Founder of Zipcar

Our actions (or inactions) over the next few years will determine the fate of humanity. Each of us need to look at what we personally can offer up to the transition to a new sustainable economy.