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Some of the best and most influential minds in global Climate Action

In each edition of The Beam, we invite +50 contributors from around the world to share their knowledge in all Climate Action related topics.

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Tom Harper

Director and Head of Sustainability, Unusual Industries Ltd

Tom Harper has a Master’s in the Circular economy, he is a Co-Founder of – a platform designed to support global collaboration on whole system change. He is also a Director at Unusual Industries Ltd where he is transforming the business model towards a fully regenerative one.

Vaitea Cowan

Co-Founder, Enapter

Vaitea Cowan believes hydrogen is the future. She co-founded Enapter which scales decentralised green hydrogen solutions. As a Pacific Islander, her mission is to provide clean energy independence to Polynesia and inspiring the next generation of women.

Laura McDermott

Design Lead, Centre for Social Innovation, IE Business School

Laura McDermott is an Irish design and innovation consultant, based in Madrid. She works as the Design Lead in the Centre for Social Innovation at IE Business School and also consults on behavioural design projects. Laura thrives on good coffee and stimulating conversations about human behaviour, design and ethics. 

Jonars B. Spielberg

PhD, MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Jonars B. Spielberg is a PhD student at MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning. His research examines interactions between service providers and users, and the role of technology in international development. From 2013 to 2017, he worked on the Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation at MIT.

Isadora Cardoso

Project Assistant, GenderCC-Women for Climate Justice e.V.

Isadora Cardoso is from Brazil and currently works with GenderCC-Women for Climate Justice in Germany. She has a BA in political science and MA in globalisation and development studies

Hans-Josef Fell

President, Energy Watch Group

Hans-Josef Fell was a member of the German parliament from 1998 to 2013 in the Alliance 90/the Greens group and he was co-author of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act 2000. He created Energy Watch Group, an independent, non-profit global network of scientists and parliamentarians, to commissions research, independent studies and analyses on global energy developments.

Hannah Helmke

Co-founder and CEO, right. based on science

Hannah Helmke is the CEO and daringly honest and solutions-oriented partner of right. based on science. She never wants to lose her ability to observe. Her focus on economic activity in a world affected by climate change was the result of combining her disciplines Psychology and International Business.

Frances Sprei

Associate Professor in Sustainable Mobility, Chalmers University of Technology

Frances Sprei is an Associate Professor in Sustainable Mobility at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. She uses interdisciplinary research to assess sustainable mobility options such as electric vehicles and shared mobility. She is passionate about spreading research outcomes to general public and various stakeholders.

Fabián Sanin

Community Landscape Manager, Amazon

Fabián Sanin is the Community Landscape Manager at Amazon.
His focus is to connect people with nature emphasizing on urban sustainability, eco-designs and biophilia.
An Urban Innovator using nature and technology to find the perfect balance in society.

Ademola Adesina

Founder and CEO, Rensource

Ademola Adesina is the founder and CEO of Rensource, a Nigerian solar renewable energy company.

Thure Traber

CRO, Energy Watch Group

Dr Thure Traber gained in-depth expertise in the field of energy transition at various research institutions including the DIW Berlin and the DTU in Denmark. He supervises the scientific content of official documents of the Energy Watch Group and releases and pursues own research. His central motivation is to promote a successful climate policy and a fast transition towards renewable resources and decentralised systems.

Eric Horesnyi


Eric is the CEO of He was a founding team member at Internet Way (French B2B ISP, sold to UUnet) then Radianz (Global Finance Cloud, sold to BT). He is a High Frequency Trading infrastructure expert, passionate about Fintech, IoT and Cleantech.

Toby Couture

Founder and Director, E3 Analytics

Toby Couture is Founder and Director of E3 Analytics, a renewable energy consultancy based in Berlin. He has worked closely with governments, financial institutions, companies, and development agencies in over forty countries around the world on accelerating the energy transition. Thought leader, writer, potter, and urban gardener, he lives in Berlin with his wife and two children.


Servane Mouazan

CEO, Ogunte CIC

Servane Mouazan is a conscious innovation entrepreneur and activist, passionate about co-designing human-centred practices and impactful strategies with the staff and boards of socially conscious organisations, in the private and public sectors.

Through her company Ogunte, she has spent ca. 20 years amplifying the work of women in social enterprises and campaigning for an inclusive gender lens.

Lucia Lenci


As a journalist, environmental communications expert and social media manager, Lucia enjoys giving a voice to social business projects. She loves getting lost in nature, and she is a strong advocate for gender rights and sustainable projects. Passionate traveller, ocean lover and enthusiastic storyteller, she recently joined the ENERGIA team as Communications Officer.

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Lars Blume

Renewable energy expert for Green Innovation and Development Centre (GreenID)

Lars carries out policy research and develops advocacy campaigns for the leading Vietnamese thinktank in sustainable energy development, GreenID. His mission is to accelerate for a social just energy transition in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Lars is also the Co-Founder of flowful, a platform to accompany and promote people on their journey beyond sustainability.

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Jack Robinson

Analyst at Sustainia

Jack studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge. He has worked in the renewable energy industry, both with hands-on experience installing renewable energy systems and with the British energy regulator. He is now studying for his climate change Master’s degree in Copenhagen and working for the sustainability think tank and consultancy Sustainia.

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