The Movie and Project in search of Hope: FRIDAYS – THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD

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In this interview The Beam speaks with Johanna Jaurich about her upcoming joint project, FRIDAYS – THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD, directed and produced alongside renowned filmmaker Carl-A. Fechnerset. Johanna summarises the project as having “an unprecedented documentary-fictional narrative style” which “sets out to find the origin of positive change and provides groundbreaking answers from the fields of business, psychology, science and sociology.” We hope our readers will engage with this fascinating and inspiring project as much as we have, and that you keep an eye out in cinemas around the world for it’s planned release in Winter 2021.




Where does your commitment to the planet come from? And what was it that drove you to produce this movie?

We believe in the future! We believe in the fact that man-made problems can also be solved by us. Our species is able to fly to the moon, heal diseases and work together in a worldwide network. What we need to do now is to find the strength within us to decide that we want to live in a sustainable future and we must choose to take steps towards the right path in doing so. We, the directors behind FRIDAYS, are united in this common vision and shared passion for environmental protection and filmmaking.

Carl-A. Fechner was active in the peace movement of the 80s in Germany and is convinced of the power of positive stories. That’s why he shows with his film production company fechnerMEDIA “role models for sustainable actions”. Johanna Jaurich has been committed to environmental protection since she was a child, worked in the video editing department at Greenpeace and, at 26, still has a few decades on this planet ahead of her. It is all the more important to her that we now succeed in turning things around and creating a system that is worth living for all of us and that sees nature as our ally.

With FRIDAYS – THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD we show that another world is possible and already exists. Because already today thousands of people live in the world of tomorrow, people who have decided to be part of the solutions and not part of the problem. We are making this film because we have been able to experience again and again how much films can inspire reflection, compassion and involvement. We have all the technical and political possibilities to create a new world. With FRIDAYS we want to find out what we have to find within ourselves to make today the first day of a new future…

You are going to meet people from six continents for this documentary. How important was it for you to portray such diversity of stories and experiences?

The climate catastrophe does not stop at national borders and is based on global injustices. The industrialised nations are responsible for the majority of global greenhouse gas emissions, which cause the greatest damage, especially in the global South. It is the duty of all of us to tackle these global, highly complex challenges together in order to overcome these injustices. And there are already people everywhere who are showing us how to do it. With FRIDAYS – THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD, we are showing the range of solutions and inspiring people who have set out on the path to a sustainable future. From the urban planner in Rwanda, to the FridaysforFuture activist in South Africa, to a politician in New Zealand, to the social entrepreneur in Denmark – we show people from young to old, from six different continents, who have found in themselves the revolutionary power to turn things around for the better.


The crew of the film. The crew of the film.


As mentioned in your synopsis, “the film makes it possible to experience the real challenges of our time, which puts especially children’s future at a crossroads”. What place is given to solutions in your documentary?

We know the global effects of the climate catastrophe and that millions of people are already having to leave their homes, starving and their existence threatened. We know that no other species in the history of the planet has had such a destructive impact as we humans and therefore, we call the present age the “Anthropocene”. We know that we are responsible for the pollution of the world’s oceans, for the extinction of countless animal species and for climate change. We know that human life will be put to the test in this century. And we are experiencing powerlessness, helplessness, anger and sadness over it already. This is where FRIDAYS – THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD comes in. We don’t need another film that shows us our dark fate, because we know the scientific facts. We need a film that gives us hope that things can be different, that another world is possible – and already exists today. We experience people who, against all odds, have found within themselves the strength to seek solutions to the problems of our time – and have found them. We are convinced that the inspiring, positive stories of these people can give us the strength to follow our own path towards a sustainable future.

What kind of film is FRIDAYS – THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD?

FRIDAYS – THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD penetrates to the core of positive change and provides groundbreaking answers from business, psychology, science and sociology. Embedded in a fascinating, fictional story in a Future Lab, the international film and media project accompanies inspiring people across the globe  who have found surprising answers to the most pressing question of our time. What is it that unites the renowned initiators of this era chairmen of global corporations, inhabitants of the world’s poorest slums, youth activists, leading scientists, philosophers and people among us who are changing the world with their revolutionary power? And with what internal and external resistance are they confronted? In 90 minutes, this visually stunning, inspiring feature film draws a map into a liveable, sustainable, humanistic tomorrow.

And FRIDAYS – THE STORY OF A NEW WORLD is more than just a film. With an unprecedented, worldwide impact campaign, we carry the groundbreaking ideas of the new world to wherever they reach and inspire people: from multiplex cinema on six different continents, to the SVOD series, to international TV stations, with screenings in schools, universities and clubs, to our daily growing, worldwide social media community.

How can our readers join this movement?

Starting on September 18th, your readers will have the chance to participate in our groundbreaking crowdfunding for 45 days at, and with every pre-sold cinema ticket, they will be able to finance a solid-ticket for people in the global south that may not be able to  afford watching this film otherwise. We have been producing our films for 30 years completely independent of third party influences. This makes it all the more important that thousands of people take part, because: Together we are stronger! Furthermore, you can already become part of our worldwide, constantly growing social media community, be inspired by exciting solutions and network with like-minded people to achieve even more together: