The Solar Panel Art Series

powered by
Yoo Li


Born in Korea.
Lives and works in Seoul.
Yoo Li completed her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree in Korea, after which she decided to pursue a master's degree in Milan, Italy, majoring in sculpting. Having exhibited solo in Seoul and Tokyo she has recently been focused on international art projects through her participation in art festivals and fairs around the world.
Her works consist of plane works that have three-dimensional effects and three-dimensional structured works that occupy a flat surface. Yoo Li presents various visual possibilities of space not perceived by habitual sight with colored acrylic pieces and mirrors, thus creating artwork to challenge what your eyes define and highlighting a different perceptual dimension.
Yoo-Li's art pieces "Perceptional coordinates" combines the physical characteristics of materials found in solar panels with her passion of working with geometry. In her piece she challenges the geometric status quo of the panels by creating optical illusions of virtual space, while reminding the observer of their reality through her use of mirrors. This unique approach aims to create a sensual experience for the public.