The Solar Panel Art Series

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Born in Korea.
Lives and works in Seoul.
Yang Kura studied a bachelor and a master's degree in sculpting in Korea and has exhibited three solo exhibitions as well as several group exhibitions and collaborations.
He is working on a variety of projects with a thematic focus on art and environment. Yankura is currently establishing a name for himself internationally through his unique projects taking place in Korea, Japan, China, Cambodia, Germany and Europe at large. His constant thought is what role artists play in an environmental context and how he can relay this message through his work.
Many of the women from his art are surrounded by the letters X and O, which doubly act as the artist's signature and imply that it is XOOOOX himself who the women are thinking of.
His series was inspired by everyday shapes found in decaying objects. This is Yang Kura's way of keeping what is mortal immortal and showing that beauty can be find in surprising places.