The Solar Panel Art Series

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Katrin Fridriks


Born in 1974, Reykjavik (Iceland).
Katrin Fridriks is an abstract painter who explores speed, gravity, growth and the interaction of man and nature in different media.
Her notoriety is mainly based on her paintings and painterly installations, one of which is installed at the Nautical stadium in Nîmes, but connecting with land art has also been an important element in her work. Her painterly creations are often integrated into paintscapes and site-specific installations that exceed the limits of painting traditionally conceived.
We believe that there is a fundamental tension which explains the appeal of Fridriks' works: As they are based on the exploration of fundamental experiences, Fridriks creations are immediately captivating. Having different layers that unfold over time, each new contemplation is rewarding and gives way to discoveries.
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