The Solar Panel Art Series

powered by
Ian Shevack


Born in Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin.
Born and raised in Berlin, Ian Shevack is an "Outsider Artist" who's contemporary work is influenced by his urban surroundings.
His abstract expressionism can be seen through his use of various different techniques, in his work that leaves the viewer with enough room for self interpretation while still conveying the overlaying message he seeks to express.
As a firm believer in climate change he finds it important to educate one another through building awareness on the small adjustments one can make in their daily lives to contribute to the cause. He views solar panels as part of the solution and believes that, through solar panels, art he can present sustainability in a "cool and sexy" way to have a more impactful result on individuals that are not "into" the topic of global warming.
"The carbon footprint series" is Ian's 3 piece art series aimed at making every individual aware of their daily carbon footprint. He shows the destruction that the human race created and reveals parts of the solar panel in one of the pieces as the solution.