The Solar Panel Art Series

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Born in Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin.
Michel Pietsch, also known as Cren, grew up as the son of a Frenchwoman and a German in Lehrte near Hannover. His artistic beginnings were inspired by his childhood visits and train journeys to both sides of his family: his mother's side in the northern part of France and his father's family in Lower Saxony in Northern Germany.
Since his first use of a spray can in 1989, he has painted walls with his letterings in more than 14 countries and three continents.
The intention of his work is to inspire the observer to a thoughtful scrutiny of letterings. He breaks down letters in accordance with his own rules in order to reconstruct them in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
The piece created by Cren displays an interconnected dynamic of reconstructed lettering that leaves the observer with enough space to let his linguistic imagination see the letters they choose to see.