The Solar Panel Art Series

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Ann Caz.L


Lives and works in Berlin.
Under the tag CAZ.L, Ann is discovering the streets as a playground for her art, appropriating urban architecture for her ever growing collection of playful animals and frost-free high divers. She made her debut by producing a large scale steel sculpture of bird feathers, which have been "giving wings" to Haus Schwarzenberg in the centre of Berlin since 2012.
The increasing sophistication and refinement of her stencil technique helped her reach the finals of the World Stencil Art Prize in Sydney 2014, 2016, 2017 and The Kutz Stencil Art Awards 2016 in Bristol.
At Work statt 44, the metal workshop where she practices her art, coarse and bulky materials have replaced paper as the canvas for her filigrane stencils. Conducting alchemical experiments, she applies heat, chemicals, sand and colour to the metal thus creating intense, large-format images that are unique and identifiable as her own.
Through her Solar Panel Art piece, CAZ.L invites the observer to witness her playfulness through her use of creative, fun and modern imagery.