The Solar Panel Art Series

powered by
Annina Roescheisen


Born in 1982 in Germany.
Lives and works in New York & Paris.
Annina Roescheisen is a multimedia artist working with video, drawing, painting, photography, installation and sculpture. She views art as a tool to break down the barriers of elitist thinking and enhance connectivity. Roescheisen's creative practice underlines her belief of art as an impactful, free and important tool to inspire thought.
Throughout her artistic career her quest for social change became more and more important. Annina has contributed to many philanthropic projects connected to human affairs including autism in children, women's rights, homelessness, suicide and peace. She has collaborated with the United Nations Foundation, the World Economic Forum in Davos, and the BMW Foundation.
Through repetition, Annina's art piece taps into her observers source of hope by reminding them that is "there is a light and it never goes out".