The Solar Panel Art Series

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The Solar Panel Art Series aligns science and art, creating a platform where renewable energy meets artistic creativity. With every edition we work with established curators inviting a selection of international artists to employ solar panels as an artistic medium. The resulting bespoke artworks have been exhibited in Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne and New York.

They’re subsequently sold in a benefit auction at our partner Paddle8, with proceeds going to the Little Sun Foundation “Solar Kids School Program”, a solar project that provides clear, safe and sustainable light and phone charging to school children and their teachers in Rwanda. These kids live beyond the energy grid and rely on dangerous, polluting and expensive kerosene or candles for their lighting.

The Solar Panel Art Series is inspired by art creating positive impact. The project highlights the potential where art, technology and nature can co-exist.



Danni Pantel / ​FieteStolte / ​Jiri Dokoupil / Karl-Luis Vossbeck / ​Oskar Rink / Random International / Stefan Marx



Transition Edition Opening: Hotel De Rome, April 6th 2019



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